Using a portion of your home equity to take cash-out for business use, investment, HOME IMPROVEMENTS or a large purchase is usually a wise option, rather than borrowing from another source. If your home value has increased (lowering your loan-to-value ratio), this alone may allow you to refinance at a new lower rate and save. We make it easy.
Consolidating higher interest debts such as Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Tax Debts, 2nd Mortgages, Personal Loans, Lines of Credit etc., is an easy way to reduce your interest costs and save money every month.
Home improvements can be a very effective way to quickly increase your home's value and your equity. Renovating may also be the best way to keep your home current with your family and lifestyle requirements, without having to move.
Many excellent home improvement financing options are now available, including loan amounts based on the future "improved value" of your property.